What is Dark Web

What is Dark Web? [Explained]

 Hey friends, In this post we are talking about the “Dark Web”.

We all use the Internet, it is quite fun to do a  search on Google. But here is a very big part of the Internet, which you can neither search on Google or use on browsers like Google Chrome.

 If you talk to the normal Internet, then you go to Google or your favorite search engine. Here you put your search query, and you get the results. Then you click on any one of the links there, you go to a website and use the internet comfortably.

 But you can’t get all the available results (websites or webpages) on your search query. Here 2 types of results are not showing to us. One is deep-web another one is dark-web

Many people think that deep-web and dark-web is the same thing, but they are totally different from each other.

What is the Deep web

The deep web is the deeper part of the websites which can be accessed through logging in or signing in or other methods.

These pages or contents are not indexed by standard web search engines, because the owner of those pages not given the index permission.

Deep web also called as hidden-web or invisible web.

Everyone can’t able to access these pages through the internet.

Some common examples of the deep web are:

  • Your online banking accounts contents
  • Your personal email account contents
  • Companies databases pages
  • Your social media account contents
  • Scientific research databases
  • Medical reports
  • Legal Documents

What is Dark Web

The concept of the dark web is totally different from the deep web. In the dark web, you will get the websites and webpages of the same features as the normal web. But to access these, specific software, configurations, or authorization is required because it exists on the overlay networks.

You can not explore the dark web webpages or websites on browsers like google chrome, Microsoft edge or any other normal browser.

The websites of the dark web use onion extensions. For example, www.google.com is a normal website and www.google.onion is a dark web website if it exists. These websites can only be opened through highly secured and advanced browsers.

Why onion?

The concept of the dark web is to keep users and websites or webpages completely anonymous. There is a browser named TOR (the onion router), you can only access onion websites through this type of browsers.

In this browser, the data is reaching you after bouncing from many nodes present between you and the website.  By this, you as user and website both become anonymous.

Many layers present between the user and the website on the dark web. An onion has so many layers.

What happens on the dark web? Is it illegal to use?

No, using the dark web is not illegal. Although it depends upon what your country rules are.  In China using the internet anonymously is illegal, so there using VPN or TOR or dark web is like committing a crime. So it depends on where you live.

Only using the TOR browser for browsing normal internet is not illegal. But on the dark web, many illegal activities happen like trading of drugs, weapons, dumb credit cards and many more.  So these activities are illegal.

In the dark web, there are many websites where you can do normal activities and many good activities like reading or collecting research papers, etc. etc..

Are we recommending this?

It depends on you. What your mindset is, what you want to do on the dark web. Its a dangerous thing and we are definitely not recommending this. If you are a not mal user, then you don’t need the dark web. You can simply use the VPN to hide your identity.

You can use the TOR browser if you need it. Its the modified version of Mozilla. It’s a pretty secure and a little bit slow because data is reaching to you after traveling many nodes.

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