What is Bootstrap

What is Bootstrap and its uses. Explained in simple words.

 Bootstrap is an opensource frontend framework for the development of websites and web applications. 

Why bootstrap is used

Bootstrap is the most famous framework to make websites and web applications responsive. Html, CSS, javascript all are used in this framework.

Templates and design layouts created through bootstrap are most commonly used nowadays. That’s why today bootstrap is the most used framework especially to make the website responsive.

Responsiveness of a website means It has the ability to auto-adjust according to the screen size.

By considering all the feature layouts of a web application like navigation, list or grid layout, etc. are easily adjustable according to the screen size through the bootstrap framework.

The bootstrap was created at Twitter in mid-2010 by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton.

You can download bootstrap form GETBOOTSTRAP.COM

The best benefit of bootstrap is, in this, you will get readymade foundational work templates, many verities of layouts options, design templates. By using those you can make your web development process efficient, fast and easy.

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