What happens in every second

What happens in Universe on every single Second

What happens in a second? We usually listen to such things.

 But guys do you know that a lot can happen even in 1 second. So let’s talk about what happens in the entire universe in 1 second.

The moment you opened this post, in that single second, the world have already drunk coca-cola 10450 cans, Bill Gates would have earned $ 250, The Earth must have moved 30 kilometers in the orbit of the Sun, and our sun would have gone 230 kilometers in a round from milky-way center. In this 1 second, 2 people have left the world and 5 new children have been born on this earth. All this happened in just 1 second and something happens every second.


Let’s know in 1 just second what happens in the universe. 

  • Around 3500 airplanes keep flying in the air all the time. And statistics show that every moment about 600,000 people are flying in the air between the earth and the sky.
  • About 5,000 tons of ice melt in Antarctica every second and becomes water. This happens due to global warming. And every 2 years, one Mt Everest stature snow melts from Antarctica. And if it continues like this, then no one can stop the sea surface from rising in the future.
  •  Every second, two new couples get married in the world and about 25,000 people experience orgasm.
  •  In this second, women from all over the world rub 8 lipsticks and empty them.
  •  There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happen in the human body and more than 16 lakh cells are destroyed.
  •  People drink 200 gallons of wine every second.
  • 45 new smartphones are sold.
  •  Searched on Google 400000 times.
  •  Combined videos length of 6 hours is uploaded to YouTube.
  •  We, humans, killed at least 3 shark fish. 
  • 926 trees were cut down.
  • 2.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide and 41 tons of garbage produced. 
  • Our earth evacuates 10.7 million liters of water in a second, which is equal to many Amazon rivers.
  • Over this time, the sun converts 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium.
  • Our universe extends 68 kilometers.
  • Light travels a distance of about 300000 kilometers every second.
  • About 4000 new stars are born in the Observation Universe.
  • There are about 30 stars in the universe dies due to the supernova explosion.
  • Andromeda Galaxy gets 110 kilometers closer to our galaxy.


Friends, now you know what happens in our universe every second.

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