Can humans live forever

Can we humans live forever?  Can we be immortal? [Answered]

Hello friends and welcome to Infoseemedia, today we will know whether we can be immortal or not.

Before we know the answer to this question, we need to know

Why we ultimately die

We die because our body becomes old, our body organs got rubbed together. And the reason for all this is the destruction of the cells present in our body.

By the way, everyday cells in our body get destroyed and new cells are also born.

Every 5 years, all the cells of our body get renewed and our whole body becomes new. Because every cell gives birth to a new cell before dying which is an exact copy of that. 

If every time the old cell produces a new cell, then why do we become old? Why not stay alive forever?

So the reason is Telophase.

Telophase is a small part of the cell which makes the copying process of cells possible.

Each time an old cell gives birth to a new cell, the telophase between them becomes smaller and every new cell is born a little weaker than the old cell. When a new cell creating process happens too many times then finally this telophase becomes too small or depleted to make new cells. Because of which we die.

Can this telophase be prevented from ending?

So the answer is no, it cannot happen.

Some people say that cancer cells are constantly producing new cells and this is absolutely true. Cancer cells do not end and every new cell is as powerful as the old cell, but this does not apply forever. A cancer cell can live for a long time according to our age, but this does not mean that it is alive forever. If we talk about a long period of time, then that too is destroyed.

Telophase which was the reason for the birth of the new cells is not a cell. So we cannot stop it from dying at all. But we can definitely increase the lifespan of our cells and slow the rate of its destruction.

If we are successful in doing this, then we can live not forever but for a long time like  200 or 300 or 400 years.

How to prevent Telophase from ending quickly?

For this, we have to increase the lifespan of our cells so that the cells can live for maximum time and they have to make their copy after a long time. And the length of our telophase also decreased very slowly.

For example

Suppose the lifespan of our cells is 1 year old and they are able to copy 100 times. And after copying 100 times Telophase will be finished. The cells will not be able to copy on their own and we will die.

If somehow we increase the lifespan of our cells from 1 year to 2 years. So the cells will copy themselves 100 times, but the age of the cells doubles, so our age will also double. Because of this, we can live for 200 years, not 100.

But on the contrary, if you assume that in today’s modern life your cells do not copy in 1 year but end up copying themselves within 7 months, then your age will be reduced from 100 years to 60 years. 

So in this way the math is very simple that if we want to live more then we have to increase the lifespan of our cells.

So let’s know

How to increase the lifespan of cells

Eat less

By eating more, more energy is stored in our bodies. Due to extra energy, the cells of our body grow quickly, make their copy too quickly and are destroyed very quickly.

If we do not eat too much and start eating less then our cells will live longer. Experiments have also been done about this on many creatures and results are also positive.

But eating less only will not do, you will have to take care of other things as well.

Live a stress-free life

 Today in modern life stress and depression are increased in us. Stress also destroys our body cells quickly. The lower the stress, the better it is for your cells.

If your workload is high, then you can also do meditation to reduce stress.

Doing exercise regularly

 To increase the lifespan of cells, we have to exercise. If we do half an hour exercise or running or any physical activities, then the chances of our being alive for a long time are greatly increased. Not only that also you can live a long life healthily. 



Nothing in the world can sustain its existence forever, so we cannot be immortal but we can increase our lifespan by a considerable amount.

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