What is API

Hello friends, In today’s post we are discussing API and its uses.

What is API

The full form of the API is the application program interface. API is an interface that interconnects different kinds of functions of different applications. If we want a specific function of a web application in our application, then we can do that through the API.

Read these examples to understand API more clearly.

  •  In some websites, while logging in, you can see the options like login with Google or login with Facebook, etc.. This means, that website you want to sign in using Google and Facebook API. Through that API website can pull pieces of information like your name, email id, etc., etc..
  •  Now you can book any flights, movie tickets through a website like Makemytrip or any third party website. This was possible because these third party websites use APIs of all airlines, bus owners, hotel owners, cinema halls, etc..

API Uses

Nowadays API is used in all applications. For example, If we need to know the temperature of every city in our state every day, then what we have to do is lunch a satellite and that will tell us. And we can get the same results if we have API access of the person who already lunched the satellite and measuring temperature.

API is used to get the database of an existing setup without lunching that setup.

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