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Consciousness – Know Everything in depth about it

If you are reading this post, then it means that you are aware now that the pictures of this post are being made on the retina of your eyes. But do you know who is actually sees these pictures, Who are you really?

The signals of the pictures of this post being made on the eyes are going to the visual cortex of our brain through optical nerves. The observer in the brain who is watching this post is feeling something that I am a thing, And from my perspective, I am experiencing other things.

Can we call this experience consciousness?

The definition will remain incomplete. Because consciousness does not only work of seeing but because of this we also think. We understand the happenings in our life. We feel happiness and sorrow, and understand the aspects of right and wrong and make a decision accordingly. Even we feel that we are alive because of this consciousness.

But when we are in deep sleep, then we do not know what happens to us. So what happens to us at that time?

Then we live in a stage in which we are not completely conscious, but other processes of the body continue. We cannot control these processes even when we are conscious like a heartbeat, digestion of food, our development, and even thousands of cells of our body are formed and erased every single second. So all these processes are not consciousness.

Now many such questions will come in your mind, who are you? What is there inside you that you feel the experiences of all the senses in your body, you make decisions, and you can think about yourself.

Similar questions had confused many scientists. And it made them think about what this consciousness means and how it works.

Similar questions had confused many scientists. And it made them think about what this consciousness means and how it works.

What is consciousness

So let us first understand what is the scientific definition of concussion. Consciousness is a power that enables one to know and understand the elements of himself and the environment around him.

We call this a kind of feedback loop where our brain is getting feedback from the external environment.

Science knows that consciousness is unique to everyone. Any creature who is experiencing this world in which manner or style, that cannot be experienced by any other creature.  This tells us that no other organism can ever feel a consciousness.

You must have always thought that the way we look at others, will they also see us from the same perspective?

When I see my pet animals, of course, I experience a lovely feeling. But are they experiencing the same thing after seeing me? Well, it’s not like that at all.

Levels of consciousness

According to science, conscience also has 3 labels.

According to the Theory of Evolution, we know that we humans were first other creatures, and before them, Reptiles. Reptiles are the first organisms to emerge out of the sea.

Is the conscience of Reptiles the same as we humans? it’s not like that at all.

Famous quantum physicist Michio Kaku says that we can also measure the consciousness of a living being in one unit named Thermostat.

Now you will think, what madness it is. How can one measure consciousness?

Well, as we learned earlier, Consciousness is scientifically nothing but a feedback loop. That is, to take information through the senses of an organism and gain an understanding of its environment. So we can forgive the number of these feedback loops and find out what level of concussion a creature falls.

Level-1 Consciousness

For Exemplar, a flower will also have some units of consciousness, so that the flower gets an understanding of other things like temperature, weather, humidity, gravity. It is consciousness in the flower too, but much less than other organisms. There will be some 10 or 12 feedback loops here, so this organism will fall under the category of level 1 consciousness.

There are other creatures in this category, which are mostly the oldest living organisms in the world. The level of the concatenation of reptiles is very low and the back part of their brain called the Reptilian brain which is the cerebellum and medulla is the only developed. Because of this, they able to understand their position only in open space and thinks nothing except hunting others, filling their stomach, and protecting themselves from other big predators. They only work on their animal instance. Because of this, most of them only work on 100-150 feedback loops.

Level-2 Consciousness

This is the consciousness of mammals. The consciousness level of mammals is higher than reptile because their mid-brain is also developed. Along with eradicating their hunger, they also come to express their feelings, live in a community, understand the community bigger than me and their authority, hunt in flocks, some extras.

Their concussion can contain thousands of feedback loops. But, there are some limits in both labels mentioned so far. Level-1 and level-2 concussion creatures can plan only from sunrise to sunset. If it’s a creature that actives on in the night, then only it can think about activities throughout the night. They are never able to plan for the next day. At most, it can lead to natural activities such as hibernation or migration as the weather changes.

Level-3 Consciousness

The third level of consciousness in which we humans do, it is one step above them. The prefrontal cortex of our brain is developed, which makes us smarter than other animals.

We can imagine the future and start planning it from today, we are able to use our mind’s memory while making complex decisions, and can imagine the future by imagining real-life situations.

Because of this, we humans are very lucky that in the process of development of millions of years, the label of both our intelligence and consciousness has evolved more than all the organisms of the world.

With the power of consciousness, we kept progressing in every field along with science. From the discovery of fire to making supercomputers, this consciousness supported us the most. It gave us the ability to think for ourselves that, in addition to filling our stomach, our brain can also do countless miracles.

So this is from the perspective of concussion science.

I hope you liked this post and got to learn something new from it. So what is your opinion, did you like this science definition, do you have any other? We would like to know below to comment for sure.

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