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Artificial Intelligence (AI) explained in simple words

Hello friends, welcome to Infoseemedia. Today we are discussing Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence

The first thing that comes to our mind as soon as we hear “Artificial intelligence” are robots. But this artificial intelligence is not only in robots. Rather, but it has also expanded to our everyday lives as well.

 Whether Google Maps showing the route with less traffic or Google Assistant answering our different questions, vehicles driven on their own without a driver or Amazon showing us clothes of our choice. All this is the work of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, that is, such intelligence created by humans. So just like we have intelligence, which helps us to understand new things, learn, and help us solve problems. In the same way, machines can also be made intelligent. So, they can make their own decisions, have their own mind so they can understand us, and perceive what’s going on around us, and can learn a lot from all these things.

 Artificial intelligence, in short, which is also known as AI is an area in which programmers make such software if those are put in a machine, then we can get any work done with that machine. And like humans, this machine can easily do many things. This means, this machine can test and understands things like humans, and then it can also decide itself what to do, or what not to do.

AI Examples

Sopjia Robot and driverless car

I guess you must have seen Sophia, which is a human-looking, robot. The robot can talk like a human with different expressions. This robot made in Hong Kong uses artificial intelligence too.

 This robot is designed in such a way that it can understand our emotions by reading our facial expressions and hand movements and can react differently to that. Also, This robot learns new things by meeting different people and visiting various places.

And you must have heard about driverless vehicles. The taxi that can walk on its own without a driver is also running in some cities of America and AI software is installed in these also, which collects data while working and keep on learning and is able to make decisions under different circumstances.

To make these machine intelligent, they have to be feed with data. This machine learns from data. For which programmers make programs, do coding and continue to teach these machines in that way. Then finally, these machines are tested outside and through these tests, it learns too.

Whether or not this machine could become as intelligent as humans but it can easily do much work which is done by humans.

Right now, Artificial intelligence is being used in so many things around us. So think, how much the world will change gradually over time.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

 We will be sitting in the car without a driver, there will be no shopkeeper while buying goods and money will be automatically transacted. Robots will be working in offices and factories, everywhere and home delivery will also be done by drones.

 Wait a minute! are you afraid of losing your job? This question has also become a topic of discussion for many people If machines do all the work, then what we’ll do? And in this, both kinds of thoughts are coming in people’s minds. It is evident that all those jobs where the brain is less utilized, the work which machines can do better without any fatigue and fault, will eventually end. But at the same time, some experts also say that with the arrival of AI, many new jobs will also be created. These machines that will be made, repair, write new code, etc. in fact, time will tell which way this story will turn.

By the way, how do you think our future will be with artificial intelligence? Please tell me by commenting.

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