What is Calorie


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What are calories

We all need the energy to work, breathe, digest food, and for every single little thing which our body does. That energy’s unit is called a calorie.

It is of two types, they are calorie(kilocalorie), small calorie(gram-calorie).

The amount of energy required to increase 1 degree celsius temperature of 1 gram water is called small calorie or gram-calorie. The amount of energy required to increase the 1-degree Celsius temperature of 1 kilogram of water is called calorie or kilocalorie or food calorie.

Our body organs functions due to calories. We get calories from the macro elements of the foods that we consume like protein, carbohydrate, fats.

 Macronutrients Calories per gram
1 Gram Protein 4 Kilocalories
1 Gram Carbohydrate4 Kilocalories
1 Gram Fat9.3 Kilocalories

An average man needs 2500 kilocalories and woman needs 2000 kilocalories per day. When you consume more calories than your body needs then your body saves those extra calories which causes weight gain.  Like that when you consume fewer calories than your body needs,  then your body collects those needed calories by breaking down body muscles and fats. Which makes weight loss.

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Average Calories present in a fruit

 Fruit Name Calories per fruit
Apple45 KCAL
Apricot17 KCAL
Banana80 KCAL
Blackberries (100 gm)28 KCAL
Clementine20 KCAL
Gooseberries36 KCAL
Grapes (100 gm)20 KCAL
Cherries (100 gm)40 KCAL
Lemon14 KCAL
Mango59 KCAL
Orange48 KCAL
Peach36 KCAL
Pear48 KCAL
Pineapple42 KCAL
Plum20 KCAL
Pomegranate100 KCAL

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