Things You can Buy with Bitcoin

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Buy with Bitcoin

Today, it still comes as a shock that Bitcoin price has now reached over 60,000USD from its rate of  0.01USD way back in 2010. That’s a really big and significant jump. This has certainly gained immense potential as an alternative to our old and traditional money currencies. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin is no longer just about decentralized finance and digital assets. From luxury products to the usual everyday essentials, below, we will discuss some of the most valuable things you most definitely didn’t know you could purchase using this cryptocurrency.


1. Traveling / Adventures

Getting to go out in general, more so getting to fly around the world becomes even more exciting when you get to book flights, hotels, and a whole myriad of fancy experiences with the use of Bitcoin. Fortunately today, there are already a variety of travel agencies and platforms such as that offer Bitcoin payment options. These types of features allow hopeful globetrotters to explore and get out there into the world without worrying about the hassle of currency conversions or even banking delays. 


2. Luxury Cars

Everytime we go online, we always see these YouTubers that roll around in pretty little Teslas or Lambo’s. But did you know that these are just two examples of car companies that now accept Bitcoin for purchasing? Today, there are also a whole slew of luxury car dealerships all around the world that now accept cryptocurrencies as payments. 


3. Space Travel

The idea of Civilian Space Travel has been around for more than a few decades. Now, thanks to all of the advancements of technology, this is now not only a possibility, but also something that people that earn or have saved up Bitcoin can enjoy. There are private space companies like that of Virgin Galactic that do accept Bitcoin for space trips. So if you want to follow in the steps of William Shatner who recently did a space trip, you now have an opportunity to do so.


4. Art and Collectibles

Recently, there has also been a rise in artistic rare digital artworks. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, are purchased using Bitcoin. Unlike cryptocurrencies that are technically fungible (and/or can be exchanged basically) NFTs cannot be exchanged. This gives NFTs immense value and uniqueness. Each NFT is associated with a specific physical asset. Sometimes an asset that is also digital. This can range from any sort of digital art, music etc.


5. Gourmet Experiences

Just like with various companies that sell products or cars as well as those that provide accommodation in exchange for Bitcoin, there are also high-end gourmet restaurants out there today that do accept Bitcoin as payment. All around in some cities in the US as well as all over the world, there are now places that do accept Bitcoin, giving you the opportunity to finally taste the luxury that was once only reserved for the rich.


6. Real Estate

Being able to afford and eventually being able to purchase property with just the use of Bitcoin is a definite possibility now. Mostly because of its value that has grown over time. Today, you will have the opportunity to get penthouses in New York if you want to. More and more real estate markets are starting to become open to cryptocurrency types of transactions.


6. Precious Metals

Today, online bullion dealers are now also starting to facilitate Bitcoin types of transactions. This definitely opens up more opportunities, especially for investors that are looking for tangible assets. With this level of added accessibility, investors are able to further diversify their portfolios.


7. Charity

One of the best types of things you can use your Bitcoin for is charity. If you can afford all of the other things in this list, surely you’ll be able to afford helping out others. Many modern nonprofit organizations today like UNICEF, Médecins Sans Frontières as well as Save the Children now accept Bitcoin as donations.


8. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Online Services

Online protection and privacy are now as essential as the roof over our heads. If you have a family or even if you’re just someone whose work is being online a lot, having a working VPN is important. Thankfully, having a protective online barrier is now also possible with the fact that a lot of VPN providers today now accept Bitcoin payments. And because of the anonymity of cryptocurrencies there is also an added level of security.


10. Education

If you’re a young person looking to get an education and trying to avoid really heavy student loans, you’re in luck. Online courses today which include various workshops as well and other educational platforms are now accepting a variety of different cryptocurrency payments. Thanks to this level of accessibility, you can now learn coding, study a new language, even earn a degree.

In today’s modern world, Bitcoin has morphed from just mere digital currency into an essential symbol for the ever changing environment of global commerce. Because of its accessibility, the decentralized nature as well as its overall seamlessness when it comes to transactions, enable people to get to explore more things. The possibilities, thanks to cryptocurrency, are now literally endless.

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