Justin Champagnie was waived by the Toronto Raptors

According to Blake Murphy of Sportsnet.ca, the Raptors have released small forward Justin Champagnie as of December 29th, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. CST.

Murphy recalls that he finally was unable to join the club’s rotation due to an injury sustained following training camp. Only three of Toronto’s games this season saw him play.

Only a portion of Champagnie’s contract was guaranteed. If the 6’6″ swingman from Pitt had remained on the roster beyond January 1, Toronto would have been obligated to pay him the full $1,637,966 remaining on his 2022–23 contract, tweets Bobby Marks of ESPN.

Champagnie, in Murphy’s opinion, stands a decent chance of signing a two-way contract with another team this year. In 39 games with Toronto throughout the course of his career, Champagnie has made an appearance, averaging 2.2 PPG and 1.9 RPG over just 7.5 MPG.

The Raptors’ 15-man standard roster space is currently open as a result of Champagnie’s removal from their books. If the team chooses to pursue 10-day signings, Murphy says Toronto will be better prepared to do so because of this opportunity. The Raptors will also have additional trading options as a result of the opening.



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