Notes for the Pacific: Reaves, Booker, DiVincenzo, and Fernandez

After the 2022–23 season, Lakers guard Austin Reaves will be eligible for restricted free agency because he only signed a two–year contract when his two–way deal was converted in September 2021. Reaves may be in line for a significant boost from his current minimum-wage deal, according to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, who made the suggestion on a recent episode of the podcast Late Night Lake Show.

According to Buha, “From what I’ve heard on that, it’s going to be more than (Alex) Caruso money, that’s for sure,” Silver Screen and Roll’s Jacob Rude reported. It will be in the double digits.

Caruso signed a four-year deal for little under $37MM when he left the Lakers for Chicago last summer. Reaves’ second NBA contract is expected to pay him at least $10MM yearly, according to Buha’s remarks.

The Lakers will have Reaves’ Early Bird rights in the summer of 2023, providing them additional freedom to make a good offer. This past offseason, the Lakers weren’t in a position to make competitive offers to other standout role players, including Malik Monk. Rival suitors won’t be able to make an offer the Lakers can’t match because, as Rude points out, the Gilbert Arenas condition will also apply to Reaves.

Here are some more Pacific-related stories:

When asked if Devin Booker’s return from a groin injury on Christmas Day felt rushed before Wednesday’s game, Suns head coach Monty Williams rebuffed that claim, according to Duane Rankin of The Arizona Republic. “To my knowledge, every box was ticked in this situation with Book,” Williams added. “You have to do that before you put a guy back on the floor.” Booker, who experienced a relapse four minutes after making a comeback, will now likely be out for at least four weeks.

Donte DiVincenzo is regarded by the Warriors’ young players, has a championship ring, is in his sixth NBA season, and is only 25 years old, but he feels like he’s still evolving, according to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic. According to Thompson, this places DiVincenzo between the team’s elder veteran generation and its younger prospects, making him somewhat of the “middle child” of Golden State.

Jordi Fernandez worked with Michael Malone for six years in Denver prior to taking over as the deputy head coach for the Kings this season under Mike Brown. Malone still has high regard for his former assistant, who is leading the Kings while Brown is undergoing NBA health and safety procedures, according to Chris Biderman of The Sacramento Bee. Malone predicted that Jordi will eventually become the league’s head coach. “He served as the G League’s head coach. He has extensive global experience. I’m very excited for this squad because they have the right coaches and are headed in the right direction.





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