Meaning of the Life

Meaning of the Life

A seeker goes to Nepal and climbs into the Himalayas to find a teacher, a guru he’s heard about. After months of searching and struggle, he reveals the famous man, and asks his burning question: “What is that means of life?”

“The meaning of life is a bridge,” replies the clever man.

The seeker is incensed. “Wait a minute, what type of dumb answer is that? I struggled and fought to get here, and that’s all you have to say? A bridge? That’s the stupidest element I ever heard!”

The guru blinked, checked out him, and stated, “You mean… It’s no longer a bridge?”

Most of my customers come to me, not searching for the that means of lifestyles, but focused on some crisis of their lives: a dating disaster, marriage or family troubles, lack of direction and motivation, a few big loss for which they’re grieving, emotional trouble consisting of anxiety or depression, or perhaps even for help in improving from an addiction. The first thing we do is type via the crisis, take care of immediate problems, and get the whole thing settled down, then we embark on an extended method of identifying how the trouble befell and what must change to preserve it from happening again. Once those things are handled, there’s a length of bliss or euphoria, when lifestyles is working for the primary time, they sense successful, calmer, greater in charge. Most clients go away at this time.

Then, frequently, they come again asking “Now that I’m in the price of myself, and have numerous more energy because lifestyles are a lot less complicated and my relationships are operating, it appears like I’m missing something-what am I doing here?”

This begins a nonsecular search for which means, which I’ve written about in more than one books-The Real 13th Step, and The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make After Forty.

People for whom the basics of lifestyles are already established need extra: they need a sense of meaning and a higher purpose than just survival. Once self-self belief and vanity are established, you’ll want a mission to feel satisfied, a manner to explicit your specialty and individuality to your self, to friends, and to the world.

But in case your lifestyles’ purpose isn’t evident to you already, how do you find out what it is? Where does a feel of cause come from? It comes from within you and isn’t always imposed or selected from outside. Your reason may be your livelihood, or it could don’t have anything to do with how you make a living. Your purpose may be an easy one, like creating good, healthy lifestyles for yourself and your children, or it can be extra dramatic and based on what you found out by using restoration your own childhood experience. Many people realize that internal motive has the power to convert anxiety, anger, fear, and rage into powerful, existence-affirming action:

Dr. Bernie Siegel, a cancer specialist, became discouraged and frustrated about the lack of achievement of medicine against most cancers. He challenged the point of interest of the scientific establishment via searching at patients who had experienced “miracle cures” and “spontaneous remissions.” Although he became ridiculed by way of his peers, he persevered, and out of it, he developed a new way of enlisting the patient’s personal restoration capability, outlined in his book, Love, Medicine, and Miracles.

Cleve Jones turned his rage, bitterness, and grief approximately AIDS into the Names Project Memorial Quilt, which has helped people throughout the world express, heal, and apprehend the grief resulting from this tragic epidemic.

After her thirteen-year-antique daughter changed into killed by means of a drunken driver, Candy Lightner used the electricity of her grief and rage to discovered Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), to combat the problem and prevent the mindless deaths of other children.

Sojourner Truth, an African-American and previous slave, turned into instrumental in developing the Underground Railway to manual slaves to freedom earlier than and during the American Civil War.

Ron Kovic, paralyzed from the waist down like a soldier in Vietnam, grew to become first to alcoholism, however, he then recovered and channeled his resentment and rage into the anti-battle protest, and later wrote the exceptional promoting book and Oscar-winning movie script, Born on the Fourth of July.

A life cause offers you the means to control your destiny, irrespective of what the pressure of the hardships you’ve got incurred. Most of the world’s spiritual thinkers have stated that the awareness guiding each of us is available if we simply pay attention and accept as true with what we hear. You may additionally already be having many ideas but now not be trusting them or taking them seriously. Perhaps while you get a concept what your “process on earth”, or existence’s reason is, you’re too distrustful of yourself, (I can’t do that) or too hopeless and helpless to agree with it or act on it. Your reason may additionally make itself clear to you in one instantaneous flash, or gradually, as in case you are following clues, one at a time. Whether you get it all of sudden or a bit at a time, it will nevertheless take paintings and enjoy bringing it approximately. Inner understanding isn’t rational or realistic in nature, however extra intuitive and spiritual. It can provide a way to look at the massive picture or an extra indifferent and objective point of view of the troubles and issues of existence. Each new concept should be tested through realistic use, to see the way it works. Step through step, using both intuitive information and clean thinking, you could deliver your internal motivation to the floor and use it to create what you want. Your mixture of proposals expressed via action becomes the bridge to the meaning of your own life. – From It Ends with You

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