Who Will Cry When You Die Book Summary

Who Will Cry When You Die | Book Summary

Today we will discuss the book Who Will Cry When You Die, whose author is Robin Sharma.
In this book, he has mentioned some important points

1. Discover Your Calling

When the author was growing up, his father said some words which he never forgot.

When you were born you cried while the world made you happy.
Son, live your life like this, when the time comes for you to leave the world, the world should be unhappy and a smile will present in your face.

We have lived in a time where we have forgotten the purpose of life. We can send humans easily to the moon and we have difficulty talking to neighbors.
We can fire missiles anywhere from pinpoint accuracy but we have no time to go to Library with children.
We have a fax machine, smartphone, email to stay connected but still we are very less connected.

Author asks
How many people are there to cry after your death?
How many people you’ve influenced in life?
What have you done for the coming generation?

The author learned a lesson from his life
If we do not take control of our lives in our hands, then life controls us.
Days changes into weeks and weeks into months. Everything changes so quickly that we cannot live life in a fullfill way and only the regret remains in the mind.

When someone asked George Bernard on his deathbed, If you get a chance to live life again then what you will do? He said I will become a man I could never become.

The author is a professional motivational speaker, he does talk shows in different cities. But everywhere people ask the same question – how can we find the purpose of life?
The author says find your calling, that is, find your passion.

We have all come to the world for a special purpose. Nature has given special talent to achieve the cause. By looking at the objective, we can increase the potential. You can add value to the life of others.

Find your calling here does not mean you leave the job. That means you should focus on the work that has a strong point. You do not have to wait for others to change your condition. You have to change yourself.

Once Mahatma Gandhi said, bring the change in yourself which you want to see in the world.

2. Everyday Be Kind To Stranger

Aldos Hoxly said on his deathbed, we should be kind to people around us.

We think we should work hard to live fulfilling, which can bring our name to the newspaper cover magazine and we could be famous. The author says that these things do not help in living a fulfilled life.

Things required to live a truly successful life that is living with others with keeping kind. You must have seen many people who is rich and earned a lot of money but still, they are not happy at all. And their families and neighbors don’t like it either. Because whenever they talk, they speak badly and negatively and even with others there is no kind.

If we stay kind to others listen to people, give them importance, and add value to their life. Then we will also benefit from them, so stay kind.

3. Maintain Your Perspective

Once two patients are brought to the hospital, One has eye disease and cannot see so sad and angry and the second patient of the room who lives near the window. He became the friend of the first patient and tries to make him laugh.
He tells the first patient to feel good, I will look outside the window & will tell what is going on outside.

He tells his friend about good trees outside, tells about the pond and the children playing in the park, and tells about the people coming to the hospital. By listening to this, his friend feels good.
Weeks pass like this, now the first patient’s eye is open. One day before this the second patient died. The first patient feels very bad. More shock than that when he finds there is no window Is rather a wall.

Then he asks the nurse, where did the wall come from? There was a window. Seeing from which my friend used to tell the condition of spring. So the nurse says there has always been a wall here and your friend didn’t even have eyes. He used to lie to you so that you can be happy, he used to get pleasure by doing this.

The author say – We must think here in difficult times to live a fulfilled life, what a good way to handle problems, how can we think positively instead of thinking negative.

4. Learn To Say No Gracefully

When our goals are not clear and priority is not set then our attention starts wandering around. We waste time on the work of others leaving our focus on the things of our work. It is important to keep the Goal Clear in life.
Ask yourself before doing any work, taking time in this work will help in reaching the goal or not.

Friends, there is a famous story in China.

There is a sword maker. His work was so perfect, people were surprised at seeing it. Even at the age of 90s, he had perfections in his arms and the work was also fantastic.
Once the king says, is it your talent or a technique? He said, “Emporer, here is a game of concentration”. I have been making a sword since I was 21 years old. I focus on the sword, which has become my motive and passion. For this, I can able to put my all energy into it. this is the secret of my mastery.

In this same way, successful people of the world focus on the things of work and do not waste time in unnecessary things. In the same way, you should spend time on your goal.

5. Be Silence

There was an old man who worked in the lighthouse. Because of that, because of his work ships can find ways and reach targets securely.
He had very little oil with him, which caused the light to burn. So he has to use that very carefully.
One day his neighbor told him, I need oil to light my house. It is not good to refuse the old man now so he gave the oil to the neighbor. Then one night a traveler comes to him and he also asked for some oil to travel and the old man gave him oil too. The next night, the mother came to him and said I have to feed the housemates give me oil, so he gave her oil too.
But after giving so much oil, the old man ran out of oil quickly and the light of the lighthouse was lost and the same night the ships hit the stones and many people died.
That’s all wrong because the old man removed his focus from his priority. He forgot to do his job and whose loss caused a lot of damage to others. It happens many times that we get so lost in things happening to us that we forget our priority. We do not do the things that fulfill our goal.

6. Get Up Early

Getting up in the morning is the best gift that you can give to yourself. The morning hours are very special.

Getting up early in the morning will give you an extra hour. You can think of all the work that you are going to do today and plan with a fresh mind. This will keep you in control all day. And the rest of your day will be according to you.

Remember ” good quality sleep is better than large quantity”.

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