6 habits of successful people

6 Morning habits of Successful peoples.

In this post I will tell you the 6 morning habits, which most of the successful people doing regularly after waking up. 

 I gathered all of this information from Hal Elrod‘s book The Miracle Morning.

About Hal Elrod

 In the age of 20 Hal Elrod became one of the top sales man of the company his working. His relationship going good, his family also happy with his work and he is also very satisfied with his works. His life going good, But one day when he returning to his home in his car, his car was crashed with a truck which was running by a drunken driver.

 In this accident his 11 bones ware broken, and his body organs not responding, so the doctors said that he is dead. After 6 minutes doctors found his some organs were working so they changed their statement that he is in Coma.  After 6 days he waked up from coma, and he came to to know that he cant walk in his entire life due to his bones were badly damaged.

 He went very depressed but after 5 minutes he thought he can’t change his current situation by becoming depressed. That’s why he decided that he will the most happiest person on wheelchair or he will prove wrong the  doctors word and he will walk in his feet again.  

By living his life with positive attitude, his health recovers very quickly. And in just 3 weeks he started walking again. 
 After this Hal returned to his normal life with more confidence. And he broke the sales record,he made more money, get married and started his own company.  Now everything going good. But when 2007 came economy crisis happened and his company’s value getting down and down over nights, and he becoming more poor everyday.  Hal told this was the worst time of his life, and his mind also cant decide what to do. 

After this his wife told him to go near his friend and ask him for suggestion. Because his friend was a well settled businessman and he also runs his business nicely in that hard time. 

When Hal Elrod goes near his friend asked for advice. His friend told him 2 things to do regularly.  1) Do exercise daily morning and 2) To read self improvement books. But this advises not sounds good to Hal.

Because he has no options, he decided to try those in daily morning. After doing this he found great results in his life and business, because now he can take good decisions. 

And then Hal decided to find out all the good things which successful do after waking up. He found 6 habits which almost all successful people followed.

When Hal Stated  this he has debt of $50,000, unhealthy and sad. After doing this 6 habits regularly, in only 2 months he doubled his income, become fit and run ultra marathon race and become a happy person.

All of this happened very fast with Hal that’s why he named this book as  The Miracle Morning.

He named the 6 habits as  S.A.V.E.R.S to remember easily.

6 Morning Habits

1. Silence

According to Hal silence means meditation or prayer. Many people taking tensions after waking up by reading news paper, checking facebook etc. But successful people did not do this. Successful people goes to silent mode after waking up by doing prayer or meditation. Which makes their mind calm and relax. And also make him ready to work with peak performance of the brain.

Thats why practice silence. 

2. Affirmation


Affirmation is a powerful technique which many successful people does. Affirmation is a Positive statement which we say to ourselves again and again. By this that word goes to our Subconscious brain, and our brain thinks that’s true and our brain acts positively.

For example, if you tell I am a confident person, I’m a confident person again and again, it will go to your subconscious and you will become a confident person.



Visualization is a powerful technique which is similar to affirmation. In affirmation you tells good things repeatedly but in visualization you have to thing what you want in future and make visual images in mind and you have to  think about it.

By this will get all day motivated to work for that dream.



There is a lots advantages of doing exercise in the morning. Because by this your mind gets more oxygen and releases endorphin, your energy level grows up like this many more advantages your body will get.

Hal is not telling here to go to gym for exercises, you can do for 5 min like stretching your body, doing jumping jacks etc.  



This does not mean reading news paper or comics. But you have to read  those books which will develop skills within you. like self help books, personality development books, business knowledge books etc. This will improve your skills and give you good ideas.


writing goals

Here Hal’s meaning for scribing writing. Write you goals, dreams etc. There is something special in writing goals and dreams which is very powerful and helps us to make the dream to reality. 

Richad Branson who is billionaire tells the trick which helps him to make billionaire is  ” Always keep a notebook and pen near you, then if any good  thoughts/ideas happens in your mind then write it down instantly in that note book. ” this will guaranteed help you. 

I have given you all of this information from the book THE MIRACLE MORNING. This is a very good book to make changes in your life. 

You can buy this book from Amazon by clicking this button. 

The Miracle Morning

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  1. By working with a high level of self esteem, you could live life to your potential.
    How are you dignifying anyone, but only oneself.
    With a decent self esteem you are smart enough to face challenges.

  2. Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone
    during lunch break. I enjoy the information you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
    I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my phone ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, very good blog

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