What is Linux

What is Linux

Linux is an operating system just like windows, mac or android.  

What is the operating system

The operating system is a thing that connects the hardware and software part of the computer. Through OS your system manages all the hardware components.

For example, when you play music on your PC, in one end you use software like Windows Media Player in another end we have speakers from where we hear music. Here operating system connects media players with the speaker so that music can be played easily. 

What is Linux

Linus was started in 1991. The person who started this project his name is Linus Torvalds. This slowly became Linux Kernal. The kernel is the main base of an operating system. After connecting many components around the kernel and OS is created. 

 Linux is so much popular for professional use. Linex is used in more web servers, supercomputers running by governments and scientists, stock market chartings.  

 Linux is used by professionals because it is very lightweight and consumes fewer resources. It is more reliable and secure than Windows or other OSs. 

 Linux is provided under an open-source license. Open-source license means you can download any version of Linux and edit its source code and share the new version of Linux with others freely. So for this many versions of Linux were created by many peoples and many groups. Those variants are called distributions or distros. 

The basic difference between Linux and Windows OS

  • Linux is used by professionals while Windows is used by home users. 
  • Windows is easy to use while Linux is a little hard to use. 
  •  Linux OS is focused on capability and security while Windows OS is focused on the ease of the user. 

You can use Linux if you suffer many times with virus, slowdowns, system crash. 

 If you are planning to switch your OS then you have to consider these things

  • You can find your favorite software of windows or mac easily on the internet while for Linux all Softwares are not developed. 
  • To use Linux you need a piece of deep knowledge about this which is a little hard to learn. 

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