What is Metallic Glasses

Metallic Glasses Expalined

Metallic glasses have properties of metals and alloys together. Most metals and alloys are crystalline and their atoms present in a regular form and arranged in a long distance.

On the other side, glass is amorphous, bitter, and transparent solid. So metallic glasses are amorphous metal.

Long-range of atomic orders not present in these metals. The advantages of these materials are these glasses have homogeneous in composition and also high corrosion resistance properties.

To get all of these properties rapid cooling of these metals is done. The cooling rate of these metals could be up to 2000000 degrees Celcius/second.

During the solidification of metallic glasses, atoms couldn’t get enough time and energy to rearrange and get crystal nucleation again.  So when the liquid reaches the glass transmission temperature, then it gets solidified and converted into glass.

This the basic concept of metallic glass.

How metallic glasses prepared?

The melt spinning process is used to create these glasses. In this technique, a spinning disk is present which was made of copper. To prepare metallic glasses, alloy combination of metal-metal or metal-metalloid of stoichiometric combination taken on the reflective tube. This tube has a nozzle on its bottom.

The nozzle of the tube gets pressed with the spinning disk. The reflective tube can be easily connected to the induction heater to melt the alloy within the tube. The heater keeps on until the mixture converted into a homogenous mixture.

Helium gas is passed to the tube where the homogenous mixture is stored so the mixture can come out through the nozzle.

With the help of spinning cooled properties ejected melt gets cold at a faster rate. By increasing the inner gas pressure in the tube ejection rate of melt is increased. Through this glass-ribbon get formed in the spinning disk. The thickness of the glass-ribbon can be managed by increasing or decreasing the speed of the spinning disk.

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