How wireless charging works

How Wireless Charging Works and its Future | Simply Explained

Hello friends, welcome to Infoseemedia, Today we discuss wireless charging.

Wireless charging is a unique technology that is going to change the entire electronic product charging style. I’m pretty sure that after 5 to 10 years, we can charge everything wirelessly.

This is not a new technology. Scientists know about it since the past 100 years. Nicola Tesla also told that wireless charging is possible.

In the year 2020 wireless charging tech will get into the mainstream.

Why now?

Because previously we can charge our devices with as more as 5Watt electricity. But now in 2020, some devices launched which support wireless charging of 60Watt.

How Wireless Charging works?

The concept of this is very simple. Let’s understand with an example.

To charge a smartphone wirelessly, we get a charging pad on which we put our smartphone and it gets charged.

The charging pad contains some coils within it. When we pass electricity to the charging pad, then that coil converts that electricity to an electromagnetic field around that pad. When we put wireless charging supported smartphones on the charging pad, the phone comes under the electromagnetic field range. Then the coil present in the smartphone consumes magnetic energy and converts that into electric energy and the battery gets charged.

That is how wireless charging works.

Wireless Charging standards

Qi (pronounced “chee“)

This is the main standard of wireless charging. In this, a supported device can wirelessly be charged up to a distance of 40 mm. There are approx. 2800 devices based on Qi standards.

Other standards

There are many other standards in which research and development going on, in which you can charge your device by placing between 10 cm or 1 meter.

Future of Wireless Charging

In 2020 the main difference we can see is the charging speed we are getting. Some lunched phones like Apex 2020 shown that devices can be charged up to 60 watts.

That time is not far now when our all home appliances, cars, and other electrical products will get charged wirelessly and everywhere.

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