How to increase accuracy in every building task

How to increase accuracy in every building task

The success of every building project relies on accuracy and alignment at every step. Whether you’re erecting towering skyscrapers or crafting intricate architectural features, precision underpins every stage of the process. Achieving accuracy in construction requires a combination of strategic planning, advanced technology and a commitment to excellence. We explore these and other ways to precision and accuracy onsite below.

Plan precisely

The foundation of accuracy lies in meticulous planning. Before breaking ground, you must invest time and resources into creating detailed project plans, if not already. This includes precise measurements, accurate blueprints and a thorough understanding of site conditions and challenges. By thinking of solutions to potential problems you may encounter, you can mitigate errors and streamline the building process to ensure accuracy is a priority.

Use advanced tools and equipment

The building industry has undergone somewhat of a technological revolution in recent years. Embracing these advancements can significantly boost precision. Tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) allow professionals to assess 3D visualisations, at both macro and micro project levels, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of tasks before the work begins. Other equipment such as laser levels and scanning technology help get measurements down to a matter of millimetres and allow greater consistency.

Quality control measures

Implementing robust quality control measures at every stage of construction is crucial. Regular inspections, both visual and technical, help identify deviations from original plans and should be deployed after almost every stage of the build. Experienced quality controllers ensure that tasks align with industry standards and regulations, but they also have a knack for knowing when something isn’t quite right. The “measure twice, cut once” mentality should underpin every task and process. 

Regular training and skill development

Accuracy can be fostered as part of your workflows with regular and thorough training.  Having the necessary skills and techniques to deliver precision comes with a combination of theory and experience. Invest in programs on the latest building techniques, tools and technologies to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to industry advancements. A culture of progression and excellence empowers skilled labourers to execute tasks with precision, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Effective communication

Communication between team members and with clients or stakeholders is crucial in delivering accuracy project-wide and in every individual task. Project managers, architects, engineers and onsite workers should understand what the plans are. Without everyone on the same page, mistakes and miscommunication are inevitable. A cohesive and informed team should be involved in regular updates, meetings and transparent reporting to ensure work is completed as expected.

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