Wedding facts

Top 10 Facts about Wedding

#10  In Finland, it was once customary for the bride to collect the wedding gifts herself by going door-to-door with a pillowcase. Hopefully, no cookware sets were involved. #9   In Yemen, the groom’s father traditionally scatters raisins, representing the couple’s happiness, which the guests collect. #8   During the Middle Ages, brides had herbs …

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History of wedding

The History of Weddings

 Hi and welcome to Infoseemedia. Today we’re going to talk about weddings. History of Marriage  The history of weddings, which is…lacking detail…because they’re pretty old. It’s believed that the first dowry was exchanged around 3000 BCE.  The ancient  Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas all had dowries. And there’s evidence of a marriage ceremony from 2350 BCE …

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Life of Cotton

How the cotton forms by Michael R. Stiff

Centuries ago, the Inca developed ingenuous suits of armor that could flex with the blows of sharp spears and maces,  protecting warriors from even the fiercest physical attacks.  These hardy structures were made not from iron or steel,  but rather something unexpectedly soft:  cotton.  These thickly woven,  layered quilts of cotton, could distribute the energy …

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How roller-coasters affects our body

How Rollercoasters affects our body by Brian D. Avery

 In the summer of 1895 crowds flooded the Coney Island boardwalk to see the latest marvel of rollercoaster technology the flip-flap railway.  This was America’s first-ever looping coaster, but its thrilling flip came at a price.  The ride caused numerous cases of severe whiplash, neck injury, and even ejections all due to its signature loop. …

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