What is Sociology

Sociology and its scope

What is Sociology Sociology word is the mixture of 2 words they are “socio” and “logy”. Socio means society and logy mean science. So the meaning of sociology in simple words is the scientific study of society. The things that come under society are culture, cast, age, time, discrimination, love, family, marriage, relation, gender, love, …

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What is fat

Fats | Know everything in details | Types, benefits, sources

Hello friends, welcome to Infoseemedia. Today we are talking about Fats. What is Fats Fats are made of combining carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. But in this quantity of oxygen is very less compare to carbohydrate. Fats are insoluble in water and float on it. But these are easily soluble in organic solvents like chloroform, benzene, …

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What is Linux

What is Linux

Linux is an operating system just like windows, mac or android.   What is the operating system The operating system is a thing that connects the hardware and software part of the computer. Through OS your system manages all the hardware components. For example, when you play music on your PC, in one end you use …

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What is API

What is API

Hello friends, In today’s post we are discussing API and its uses. What is API The full form of the API is the application program interface. API is an interface that interconnects different kinds of functions of different applications. If we want a specific function of a web application in our application, then we can …

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What is 5G

What is 5G

Hello friends, we are all using 4G.  You will also know that 5G is coming. It is being said that it will give at least 10 times more speed than 4G.  What is 5G and why is it needed when 4G is so popular. The 4G network becomes quite congested by connecting more people. We …

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